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February 3, 2018

Hello my beautiful friends ūüôā

Today’s act of self-love:¬† Getting creative.¬† I FINALLY found some time to do some writing.¬† It was just a small flash piece, but it¬†felt so good to write even just 500 fiction words.¬† Hoping to share it with you tomorrow ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•

my journey

January 26, 2018…It’s Okay to Dream

Hello my beautiful friends!


Yesterday I had lunch with a friend.¬† We were talking about how wonderful life would be if we could at least work part time so we could pursue our passions.¬†¬†It was during this conversation that something¬†amazing happened.¬†¬†My friend¬†first began by telling me she’s been looking into getting extra money doing something with real estate. She had a slight smile in her eyes at the possibility of reducing her current job to part-time¬†while working with real estate to supplement her income.¬† She told me how she planned to take her income tax refund and invest in herself while¬†a sense of pride emanated from her.¬† I was more than happy for her.¬† There is nothing better than investing in yourself.¬† But the real “moment” happened later in¬†our conversation that took place over our bowls of¬†salad purchased¬†from the lunch line.¬†¬†I let her¬†in on¬†my dream of writing for a living and¬†of¬† eventually being able to not work for anyone.¬† I let her in on my dream of spending my time in nature, just writing.¬† This opened the door to allow her to talk about¬†her true desire of acting.¬† Her face lit up, and she was so excited reminiscing about her roles she has had previously in theatre and some acting classes she is currently taking.¬† I swear if I was one of those people who could see auras I’d say I saw her’s jumping out of her.¬† She was literally glowing.¬† This is her true passion.¬† This is what she is supposed to be doing.¬† As we began discussing it, though, the glow began to diminish, just a bit.¬† And I knew it was because “we” are not entitled to dreams so big.¬† Our conversation continued, and I hope that by the end of it I helped to minimize her limiting beliefs and encourage her to move into what she truly resonates with.

Unfortunately most of us¬†are limited by the beliefs we grew up with based on where and how we were raised.¬† I grew up in a very low-income area where I was expected to go to high school and get a job…the end.¬†¬†We¬†were low-income and “other” people were higher income.¬†¬†That was my reality.¬† But I refused to accept that 18 years ago and pursued college which gave me a career that pays well and pulled me out of the low-class area.¬†¬†I am now living¬†within a class of people who are financially set.¬† Even still, I am in the financial class where real dreams…passions…are rarely recognized.¬† And I now refuse to accept that reality.

I am not J.K. Rowling.¬† I live in a suburb and work a 9 to 5.¬† She is, at minimum, a millionaire who lives (I’m assuming) with the elite.¬† I…we…have all been separated by these realities we have in our heads.¬† We can’t make it to the top because we are not that person or those people.¬† But here is what I’m proposing with this blog post, and it’s based on what I’ve learned about our true life paths, self-love, and all these wonderful concepts I am now beginning to grasp.¬† When you do something you are not enjoying, you are not doing what you are meant to do.¬† We each have a deeper calling in us that we ignore, because society says “get a job”.¬† Clearly this doesn’t mean I’m going to up and quit my current job.¬† Bills are a reality, after all.¬† But it does mean that I am going to take steps, like this post and my current writing project, to begin the path I should have started years ago, but thought it¬†could never be a reality.¬† I chose J.K. Rowling earlier¬†for a reason.¬† That wonderful creator of the Harry Potter series could not hold a job to save her life.¬† This is because while she was working, her calling was screaming at her and she couldn’t focus on what society told her she should be doing.¬† She eventually got fired from her last job, if I recall correctly, for actually writing on the job.¬† She found herself at rock bottom, jobless, and finally just gave into what she came here to do.¬† Look at her now.

Everyone has a dream, yet most are afraid to speak of it because people like “us” are not “those” people who make it big.¬† My question for you is… Why can’t we be those people?¬† Only you¬†can limit yourself or lift yourself.¬† Which are you going to do?¬† I choose to¬†lift myself.

Today’s act of self-love: 15 minutes of Abraham Hicks (video posted below).¬† This woman is amazing.¬† If you are on your path to realizing your dreams, she will help take you there ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•

Until my next post, much love to everyone!

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my journey

January 16, 2018…Small Steps

Good morning my beautiful friends!

Today I am beginning to add small steps that I know will lead to great achievements.¬† Because right now, “Go-Go-Go” is not the mental state I need.¬† I need small wins that will lift me every day.

This morning, I woke to a video in my YouTube feed by MindValley called 10 Morning Habits Geniuses Use to Jump Start the Brain.¬† While all 10 are very attainable, I have selected the following five so that I can fully commit and have five wins every single day.¬†¬†I made sure to include some that were¬†geared more towards health, which is what I’ve been working on for two weeks now to gain the energy I need to make this dream of mine happen.¬† Here they are:

1 Make My Bed Every Morning.
Guilty!¬† I do not make my bed on a regular basis.¬† Not even semi-regular.¬† I am of the belief that it’s going to get messed up anyway, so why bother.¬† According to Jim Kwik (MindValley), a clean environment encourages a clean mind.¬† I can certainly agree with this as I always feel better when my house is clean.¬† My stress levels pop up when things are not in their place.¬† I never see the bed until night though, so again, why bother?¬† Jim then proceeded to explain that by making your bed, you are succeeding first thing in the morning.¬† Not only are you succeeding in the morning, but when you come home at the end of the day, you come back to your first success.¬† Win-Win.¬† This, I can do.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†2 Water.
Lots of water in the morning.  As a previous health-coach, I can strongly agree with this.  But do I currently do it?  Nah.  I have incorporated plenty of water throughout the day beginning two weeks ago, but still have my coffee in the morning.  I will never deny that I am addicted to coffee.  According to Jim, our brains are made mostly of water, and we lose a lot of water while sleeping.  Yep, knew that as well.  So why do I not do it?  I really have no answer.  Especially since my body asks for water in the morning.  I know myself, and I know that once I step out of bed, I head to the coffee pot.  So, I will take on this morning routine by placing a bottle of water next to my bed each night and will not allow myself out of bed until it is gone.

3 Brush My Teeth With My Opposite Hand.
What??!¬† I laughed at this one.¬† But it’s really quite interesting and takes maybe an additional 60 seconds for coordination each morning, so why not?¬† He says that by using your opposite hand to do tasks, you create more neuro connections.¬† Ladies and Gentlemen, I am an aging woman.¬† I must do what I must to keep those brain cells working.¬† Lefty-brushing it is!

4 Journaling.
According to Jim, you can boost brain power by taking and making notes.¬† Welcome to my journal‚ô•.¬† Truth be told, I likely won’t “journal” in here every day because, well, my life just isn’t that exciting.¬† But I will commit to, at a minimum,¬†letting you in on my daily¬†act of self-love.

5 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).
HIIT is the best workout you can do if you are limited in time.¬† Jim suggests three minutes every morning in an effort to get your blood moving, which in turn, goes to your brain.¬† He says this should not be in place of your daily workout.¬† Rather, it is just an a.m. boost for your brain.¬† THIS is going to be my challenge.¬† I barely want to walk in the morning let alone¬†Jump Up Jump Up and Get Down (song reference ūüôā ).¬†¬†It is my understanding that in order to change, we must do something that makes us uncomfortable.¬† I suppose I will take this one on.¬† I know it will be good for me.¬† But getting my booty to move so early in the a.m. …¬†ugh.¬† FINE!

The rest of his 10 tips are all very good and I do suggest watching the video if you have time; perhaps something more will appeal to you in whatever journey you are on.

Today’s act of self-love:¬†Telling myself I will¬†do things that better my health, mind and soul…and doing them. ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•

I am off to start my day…including the dreaded HIIT.¬† Until my next post, much love to everyone!

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