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January 31, 2018…Confessions

I’m going to confess.  A while back, maybe about two weeks ago, I blogged that I would do five simple things every morning to get off to the right start and jump-start my brain.

Truth?  I have done four of them on a pretty consistent basis…kinda.  But one of them, I haven’t done at all.  Yeah, HIIT in the morning?  I am thinking not.  That was a pretty silly goal to give myself.  If you knew me, you’d understand that comment.  So!  I have decided to upgrade that 3-minute HIIT morning goal to something a little more achievable that will still get my blood going a little.  This girl is gonna dance it out for three minutes, every morning…almost every morning.

Today’s act of self-love: Dancing to Be The One by Dua Lipa before work 🙂

Until my next post, much love to everyone!

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