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January 30, 2018…Attract Your Tribe

Hello my beautiful friends!


About…friends.  For the majority of my life, I have been very limited in the friend department.  For one reason or another, I just could never “vibe” with many people.  And talking with people simply exhausted me.  Introvert in the highest degree, is how I would have described myself.  But then I learned a few things over the past few years as I was trying to find myself and feeling quite lonely.

  1. If you are with people who are not in alignment with you, your beliefs, your desires, etc., you will likely feel exhausted after being with them for a bit.  It takes effort to keep a conversation going with someone who is not on your same page.  If they are guiding the conversation, it is likely that what they are interested in is boring or maybe even offensive to you.  If you are guiding the conversation, they are likely not interested in your topic and it is probably showing in one way or another in their body language.  So then each of you transition to the other person’s interests and it’s then like trying to run in waist-high water…a pure struggle that gets nowhere fast.
  2. If you are with people who are in alignment with you, your beliefs, your desires, etc., you will literally feel energized after being with them for a bit.  In fact, you will really want to stay with them longer!

I’m not sure where I learned 1 and 2 above, I just remember an article or video that asked me to pay attention to how I felt after interactions with people.  It said that if I did that, I would learn who I should really spend my time with.


I also learned the term of “Attracting your Tribe”.  Same concept as above, but putting it out to the universe that you want to meet new people who are like, well, whatever you’re looking for.  I did just that.  And my “tribe” came to me in two different ways.  The first was quite eerie and fully follows the “ask the universe and you will receive” concept.  Soon after thinking that I wanted to meet people that were like me, an acquaintance I met through my husband had reached out to me and thought I would fit well into her women’s group that she had started.  Instantly, I met women who had deep connections with themselves and were open to sharing their life experiences and dreams.  We took part in real conversations.  From this group, I have made two wonderful friends that I feel energized with any time we meet up.  The second was me physically trying to attract my tribe by creating a vegan-group which has grown over the year…not only in the number of people in our group, but in the closeness that we have grown with each other.

Incase any of my other longer-term friends are reading this, of course you know I absolutely love you and am always energized to speak, text, and FaceBook with you…but you all live so friggin’ far away I had to make some new, meaningful connections and I am so very happy that I did.

Spending time with people that you love and who love you back is a large part of self-love.  It just feels good and allows you to continue to grow on multiple levels.

Today’s act of self-love: Meeting up with a good friend for coffee ♥♥♥

Until my next post, much love to everyone!

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