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January 26, 2018…It’s Okay to Dream

Hello my beautiful friends!


Yesterday I had lunch with a friend.  We were talking about how wonderful life would be if we could at least work part time so we could pursue our passions.  It was during this conversation that something amazing happened.  My friend first began by telling me she’s been looking into getting extra money doing something with real estate. She had a slight smile in her eyes at the possibility of reducing her current job to part-time while working with real estate to supplement her income.  She told me how she planned to take her income tax refund and invest in herself while a sense of pride emanated from her.  I was more than happy for her.  There is nothing better than investing in yourself.  But the real “moment” happened later in our conversation that took place over our bowls of salad purchased from the lunch line.  I let her in on my dream of writing for a living and of  eventually being able to not work for anyone.  I let her in on my dream of spending my time in nature, just writing.  This opened the door to allow her to talk about her true desire of acting.  Her face lit up, and she was so excited reminiscing about her roles she has had previously in theatre and some acting classes she is currently taking.  I swear if I was one of those people who could see auras I’d say I saw her’s jumping out of her.  She was literally glowing.  This is her true passion.  This is what she is supposed to be doing.  As we began discussing it, though, the glow began to diminish, just a bit.  And I knew it was because “we” are not entitled to dreams so big.  Our conversation continued, and I hope that by the end of it I helped to minimize her limiting beliefs and encourage her to move into what she truly resonates with.

Unfortunately most of us are limited by the beliefs we grew up with based on where and how we were raised.  I grew up in a very low-income area where I was expected to go to high school and get a job…the end.  We were low-income and “other” people were higher income.  That was my reality.  But I refused to accept that 18 years ago and pursued college which gave me a career that pays well and pulled me out of the low-class area.  I am now living within a class of people who are financially set.  Even still, I am in the financial class where real dreams…passions…are rarely recognized.  And I now refuse to accept that reality.

I am not J.K. Rowling.  I live in a suburb and work a 9 to 5.  She is, at minimum, a millionaire who lives (I’m assuming) with the elite.  I…we…have all been separated by these realities we have in our heads.  We can’t make it to the top because we are not that person or those people.  But here is what I’m proposing with this blog post, and it’s based on what I’ve learned about our true life paths, self-love, and all these wonderful concepts I am now beginning to grasp.  When you do something you are not enjoying, you are not doing what you are meant to do.  We each have a deeper calling in us that we ignore, because society says “get a job”.  Clearly this doesn’t mean I’m going to up and quit my current job.  Bills are a reality, after all.  But it does mean that I am going to take steps, like this post and my current writing project, to begin the path I should have started years ago, but thought it could never be a reality.  I chose J.K. Rowling earlier for a reason.  That wonderful creator of the Harry Potter series could not hold a job to save her life.  This is because while she was working, her calling was screaming at her and she couldn’t focus on what society told her she should be doing.  She eventually got fired from her last job, if I recall correctly, for actually writing on the job.  She found herself at rock bottom, jobless, and finally just gave into what she came here to do.  Look at her now.

Everyone has a dream, yet most are afraid to speak of it because people like “us” are not “those” people who make it big.  My question for you is… Why can’t we be those people?  Only you can limit yourself or lift yourself.  Which are you going to do?  I choose to lift myself.

Today’s act of self-love: 15 minutes of Abraham Hicks (video posted below).  This woman is amazing.  If you are on your path to realizing your dreams, she will help take you there ♥♥♥

Until my next post, much love to everyone!

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